Sam Andrea (Netherlands)

He talk about his works: "Sometimes I wake up in strange places with strange people drenched in the stink of yesterday's drink. The past night is like a grimy photo book, and I'm slowly flipping through its shameless pages in my mind. Somewhere between this intoxicated memory and sober clarity is where i find myself painting.Human nature is so very close and yet so very alien to me. Destructive, sexual and animalistic behaviour is not strange to me. Everybody is probably familiar with this behaviour in some way, but what drives us -or at least me- towards it? In search of my own truth, I find beauty in the grotesque and romance in the hopeless. When flesh and bone turn into oil and pigment and when reality and dream seem to merge into one on my canvas, that's when I feel I can put human nature into place.

Ron Amir (Israel)

Lives and works in Amsterdam - Ron Amir makes large charcoal drawings. The deep black charcoal powder rubbed into the paper not only absorbs the light, but also the viewer's gaze. The large formats help people to lose themselves effortlessly in a universe full of dark, dreamlike images. We see places where apocalyptic disasters have raged, submerged in nocturnal silence. We see the dead, the flood, a house in flames: the theater of destruction.

Piotr Bockowski-Neo Fung (Poland)

Piotr Bockowski is a London-based body performer & video artist, as well as fungi media researcher at University of London. He curates Chronic Illness microbe performance event at his squatted sewage The Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan in Holloway. Loves violent dance to industrial sound.

Pat van Boeckel (Netherlands)

As a filmmaker Pat van Boeckel already specialized in the documentaryfilm genre, when he developed his own path in video art. The majority of his documentaries have been broadcasted on Dutch public television and film festival, with topics varying from indigenous peoples to ecology, always with a philosophic thread.

His video installations often examine the intertwined relation betweenhumans and their (natural) environment. Aspects of contemporary life are being mirrored with values and other things that have been lost on the way of the ongoing modernization. In general his work is characterized by its apparent simplicity. Through its slow pace it contrasts with the speed and volatility of modern visual culture.

The embodied experience of time and place is central to both his documentaries and video art works. Rather than using a screen Pat van Boeckel projects his video art on objects or combines the projection with a building, thus adding new layers to the moving image. In doing so he twists and plays with meaning and expectations.

Baharak Dehghan (Netherlands-Iran)

Baharak Dehghan was born in Tehran, Iran. In 2001 she moved to Amsterdam for more artistic freedom. In 2006 she graduated in fashion design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Baharak has always been fascinated by the mystery and ambiguity of surrealism. The last years she developed her own style in collage works and painting, in which old papers and pictures are torn and placed over one another. In her own words: The way old pictures and papers layered over each other remind me of the depth of memories in our minds, one behind the other, old and obscure. Baharak works currently as organizer and curator of the “L'Âge d'or” group exhibition. The Surrealistic film “L'Âge d'or” inspired her to creating a contemporary version of “L'Âge d'or” but with different media.

Baharak is searching around the world for Surrealistic artist's and Surreal lovers to bring them together at the L’AGE D’OR event.

Evelyn Jean (UK)

Evelyn Jean is a multimedia artist from London. He has a passion for making art that captures his innermost fears and pleasures, whilst questioning the actual purpose of these emotions.

After a music career spanning 13 years he became increasingly frustrated at limits of the medium and began practicing art as a method for performance and expression of his real feelings.

His work covers many mediums including painting, filmmaking, performance and installation.He is hugely influenced by a large diverse range of artists from many mediums.

Evelyn is a self-taught artist who has participated in several group shows throughout Europe, and aspires to create an emotional understanding over technical superiority in his work.

Elise van der Linden (Netherlands)

Visual artist Elise van der Linden is guided by the course of things that we often do not notice consciously. Whether it is about the growth of a plant, the movement of vehicles or the temporary world that people make for themselves: time continuously causes a tension between change and the human tendency to preserving. Van der Linden captures this field of tension in animations (in which time visually unfolds), or in spatial work (in which time seem to be frozen at a tipping point). With that her artworks show both the strength and the vulnerability of man.

Mehdi Mansouri (Iran)

Mehdi Mansouri, born 1976 in Tehran, is a member of the Iranian Society of Photographers. With an eye on conceptual photography, he has been professionally working in visual arts since 14 years ago, holding dozens of exhibitions in Iran and abroad. Birth to death, the ultimate realization of consciousness, and the challenge contemporary human faces when questing for this conciousness shape the main theme of his collections. He takes photographs of a layout usually composed of elements like mirrors and humans and then he creates collages with photos. Works are finally presented as photocollages and usually displayed with a layout and performance in the gallery. Brilliant and industrial decorative colors, figures, everyday signs.

Images that are rather reflection than images and addressing sexual identity, enable us to observe characteristics of contemporary art in these works.

Tinca Veerman (Netherlands)

Tinca Veerman, 1964, Eindhoven

Over the past years Tinca Veerman has been making black and white collages but last year she started working in soft colour tones while searching for the right materials. In her work she is searching for the balance between association and alienation. The subjects she chooses vary from interactions between people, interieurs and portraits. The physical presence of man is absent in these collages. All the time she is asking herself are we capable of receiving new images, or are we always hooking it up to the 'thing' we know from real life and try to connect with that? Looking at Veerman's work we redefine by watching what's real and what's not and that takes some time. She is forcing the viewer to slow down and unpack the construction, to test it's veracity.

Tinca's fascination with Bunuel's film L'Âge d'Or is reflected in her collages which you can see at this exhibition.

Dirk Zegel (Netherlands)

Dirk Zegel (1972) is on a continuing philosophical quest, in search of the limits and workings of this universe, always looking for underlying systems and processes. He uses art as an abstract way to communicate his findings to the general public. His conceptual work focuses primarily on the objective functioning of this universe. Philosophical ideas, with a scientific basis.
Experiments that create life or show the entire multiverse. With his visual work he mainly investigates the subjective human world, optimizing shapes and patterns to stimulate the brain.

Jixuan Chen (China)

Jixuan holds a BA diploma from Wimbledon College of Arts, then MA got a place in Royal College of Arts, and his painting will open up of Chinese traditional painting styles and Incorporating modern or contemporary ideas and we might say Kind of emanated from modern art ideas over the last century, in terms of Europe and America.

Mathilde Jansen (Netherlands)

Mathilde Jansen works and lives in Amsterdam. She is graduated from the Royal Academy, The Hague (KABK) in 2006, following which she undertook several residencies and exhibited her photography internationally, as well as carrying out commissions for the media as well as for companies and organisations. Her primarily photographic practice seeks the universal value of natural minerals as a means of tracing the complex relationship between people and the global economy. She aims to create new perspectives from which to examine social structures and the connections between the local and global, which, for Jansen, form the basis of human attitudes, social positioning and intercultural communication. In her practice Jansen consciously interweaves market-driven ways of thinking with an integrated holistic vision of nature, teasing out the borders between the two. Using experiments in analogue photography, incorporating awe-inspiring constructions on location and manipulating medium format negatives, she creates a dynamic interplay between subject matter and representation, navigating areas as diverse and all encompassing as nature and ecology, spirit and community.

Alle Jong (Netherlands)

Alle Jong (1988) kocht een authentieke Muze Jurk uit c.1760, een Museumstuk - Voor het eerst na 250 jaren zal deze door een jongedame gedragen worden tijdens een verstilde performance in het drents Museum later in 2019. Het vertragen van tijd om daarin een opening te vinden naar berusting en vergane betekenis, het verlorene herwinnen en daarin onze menselijke natuur te mogen hervinden. Licht, Donker, bewustzijn, verstilling ver van moderne hysterie, die eeuwigheid sculpturerend vatten in beeldende verwondering is een onmogelijke reis die nooit zijn einde zal ontmoeten.

Pedram Lesani (Iran)

Pedram Lesani (born 1979) received his B.A in photography from the Art and Architrcture faculty of Azad art art academy of Central Tehran in 2003. After 6 years he went to London and studied fashion photography at Central Saint Martins Collage Art and Design. His obsession is stage photography and he is also very interested in street photography. Some of his photo's concerning in social issues and gender problems. He tries with his own means to express the world around him. His solo exhibition (2003) which was about earthquake (staged photography) held in Tehran and continued several solo and group exhibitions in Tehran, London, Paris, Vienna, Oslo and recently in Art Fair Genova.

Jylle Navarro (UK)

Jylle Navarro is a multi-disciplinary London based artist, specialising in the use of bold colour and reactive materials for interactive arts and performance. Her work is constantly transforming and developing, creating new forms and experiences. She explore the manipulation of mediums, capturing visual differences in the decisive moment. Throughout her work, key iconic connections of inspiration flow throughout – light reactive, experimental, strong contrasts, daring colour, and uncontrolled results.

Lula Valletta (Netherlands)

Lula Valletta works and lives in Den Haag.Her work is connected in the do it yourself ethics and philosophical subject matter. She is an artist focussing mainly on analog collage and performance. She is part of the Berlin-based art collective Schlochtenheim. Her works are documented in self-published publications which she presents at several art book fairs and shops throughout Europe. Each of her publications is unique in its own way by the use of risograph printing techniques, for which she collaborates with printing press Stencilwerck. Besides focussing on her own creativity she regularly writes articles about contemporary art and artists for art magazines. She is the initiator of Prophit Art Zine, a magazine that focusses on the contemporary analog collage scene worldwide. She collaborates with galleries, bands, and artists for design work, curating exhibitions and more. She also gives 'Cutting Edge' workshops about collage.

Guy Vording (Netherlands)

Guy Vording (Wierden, 1985) lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Stories and forgotten news items inspire Guy Vording. Historical events from old newspapers and magazines or stories he has picked up along the way become the beginning of his work. He reads, studies and analyzes the texts and images he's been collecting during the last years and transforms them into another scene. Something new, something more intimate. At the heart of them lie both loneliness and loss of control. Subjects you can also find in his titles: The universe doesn't know you exist, Silly ideas about being independent and Black Pages. Often, America is the backdrop for the events. From a young age this country captivated Guy, which accounts for it playing an increasingly prominent role in his recent work. Almost all of his works are created in a series. The drawings and collages have a relatively small size, which renders watching them an intimate experience".

Atousa Bandeh (Iran)

Atousa Bandeh, based in Amsterdam, is an visual artist and filmmaker. Her films find themselves on the border of fiction and documentary and examine different options of story telling (visually and verbally). Her most recent long film "The Day I disappeared". Her drawings, videos and film works are stories delved in the ephemeral layers of her memories. She throws her images almost literally onto the paper -images of objects and portraits that conceal a profusion of symbolic associations. Personal memories tend to pop up not in a clear-cut way, but blurred, vague and deformed. Rather than representing a plain narrative, Her works represent visual poetry. Life, her life is caught in lyrical lines. Expressed in feathery layers of papers and moving images.