Saturday 16 March, 2019   18.00-21.30

screening of short films: 20.00-21.00

Neon Naked show by Fashion & Performance designer

Jylle Navarro 21.20-21.30

Regular visiting ours:

Sunday 17 March until Saturday 23 March 2019 13.00-18.00

Location: Art Chapel, Prinses Irenestraat 19, 1077 WT Amsterdam

L’AGE D’OR is an exhibithion with a selection of artworks that takes you to the dark fancies of poetic sentiment and the surrealistic imagery of fear and doubt.

This exhibition is based on the film L’AGE D’OR, which means “The Golden Age”. It is a 1930 French surrealist satirical comedy, directed by Luis Bunuel, about ethical values, passion and eroticism.

The social impact of the film has inspired the artist Baharak Dehghan to invite other contemporary artists to jointly create a mixed media presentation in unison with the combination of sound, images and video-art.

The artists stem from a variety of countries and backgrounds. With this different cultural perspectives are gathered through their personal experiences and they give a unique impression of their views on the themes expressed in L’AGE D’OR.

Founder Baharak Dehghan explains her motivation for organizaing this exhibition,

“Two years ago I saw L’AGE D’OR for the first time. It instantly gave me the idea of creating a contemporary version of L’AGE D’OR, but with differtent media. I began with  searching around the world and have participated in surrealistic events and exhibitions.

The intention of the exhibition is to reflect on the way in which the cultural and moral established order was displayed in the film.
L’AGE D’OR will recur in various locations as a pop-up exhibition.
The first edition will take place at the Art Chapel, Prinses Irenestraat, Amsterdam.

Ron Amir, Sam Andrea, Piotr Bockowski, Pat van Boeckel, Jixuan Chen,
Baharak Dehghan, Mathilde Jansen, Evelyn Jean, Alle Jong, Pedram Lesani,
Elise van der Linden, Mehdi Mansouri, Jylle Navarro, Lula Valletta,
Tinca Veerman, Guy Vording, Dirk Zegel, Atousa Bandeh