Poster L’Age D’Or


Saturday 7 December, 2019 18.00-22.00

Performance by Moran Sanderovich: 19.00-19.30

screening of short films: 20.00-21.00

Regular visiting ours:

Sunday 8 December until Wednesday 11 December, 2019, 13.00-17.00

Regular visiting ours:

Location: Sexyland, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 39,
1033 RC Amsterdam

L’Âge d’or is an underground exhibithion with a selection of artworks that takes you to the dark fancies of poetic sentiment and the surrealistic imagery of fear and doubt.

The reason for this pop-up exhibition arose from a question the curator Baharak Dehghan asked herself:

What is left of the bourgeois morality that was responsible for the banning Luis Buñuel’s surrealistic film L’Âge d’or from movie theaters in the 1930’s? Is this conservative mentality stronger than ever, or do we live in times of supernatural desires and lusts, irrational ideas and fantasies typical of the surrealistic discourse?

In this exhibition twentyfive artists are searching for an answer, if there was one to start with.

The emerging artists stem from a variety of countries and backgrounds. With this different cultural perspectives are gathered through their personal experiences and they give a unique impression of their views on the themes expressed in L’Âge d’or.

The purpose of the exhibition is to get people thinking about culturally and morally established values. Like this movie does!

L’Âge d’or will be presented in different  locations as a pop-up exhibition.

The Second edition will take place 7 December, 2019 in Sexyland, Amsterdam.


Ron Amir, Tom Amoretti, Pat van Boeckel, Piotr Bockowski, Baharak Dehghan,Aukje Dekker, Suzanne de Graaf, Leonor Faber-Jonker, Hans van der Ham, Raquel van Haver, Bettina Hönig, Stephanie Herremans, Pouyan Jafarizadeh, Evelyn Jean, Atharva Kharkar, Taravat Khalili, Elise van der Linden, William Mann, Mehdi Mansouri, Karin van der Molen, Moran Sanderovich, Miriam tölke, Tinca Veerman, Dirk Zegel, Peter Zwaan.