Artist Open Call


We are very excited to invite you to join us in this eclectic exhibition of contemporary interpretations of the most significant themes from the surrealist film ‘L’Age D’Or’ (Golden Age), of which this year we commemorate the 90th anniversary: Destruction, confusion, passion, fear, humanization, oppression, isolation, love and humour.

The concept of ‘L’Age D’or’ exhibition is based on the film ‘L’Age D’Or’; a French surrealist satirical comedy from 1930, directed by Luis Bunuel in collaboration with Salvador Dali.

We invite artists from different countries and cultural backgrounds to present a mixed media exhibition of paintings, photography, collages, videos, sculptures and other media. These different cultural perspectives give, through their personal experience, a unique impression on the various views on the themes expressed in L’Age D’Or.

The purpose of the exhibition is to get people thinking about cultural and moral established values, in the way the movie does.

L’Age D’Or will be presented as a pop-up exhibition; in different locations with different selection of artists. Visit our website to get a notion of the previous events held in Amsterdam.

The upcoming exhibition is planned from the 23rd to the 25th of October at Espacio Gallery in London.

Espacio Gallery is the newest venue in the heart of London’s East End art scene. This show will be a great opportunity for emerging artist to exhibit their works alongside well-known and established artists. Also, it is a great opportunity for artists outside London to exhibit their work to a new audience.

For L’Age D’Or 2020 (third edition), we are looking for artists who can respond to the possible answers to the questions:
⦁ What would Bunuel’s L’Age D’Or looks like today?
⦁ In what kind of ‘Golden Age’ do we live today?

If you are interested in joining this event please sent the following:
⦁ Up to 5 images of the works you will exhibit (JPG or PDF)
⦁ For video art: Please make sure the file format is consistent with Windows Media Player or VLC Player.
⦁ A short biography of maximum 150 words (Word Doc or RTF)
⦁ An artist statement with a maximum of 200 words (Word Doc or RTF)
⦁ Link to your website, Instagram or other social media accounts (Optional)
⦁ All information should be provided in English please.
⦁ All media is welcome


The deadline for the submission is the 1st of June 2020.
The selected artists will be communicated by the 30th of June at the latest.

Participation fee and sales commission
For this particular event the participation fee is €120, to be paid within two weeks after being selected. 20% will be deducted of work sold during the exhibition.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us at

We look forward to seeing your work

Baharak Dehghan

Organizer, curator and initiator